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Pidurangala of historical significance

Pidurangala of historical significance

Pidurangala of historical significance
Pidurangala rock

Pidurangala of historical significance

Sri Lanka has a proud history of around 2,500 years. Thousands of places reflecting the splendor of Sri Lanka are spread all over Sri Lanka. Matale is an area which inherits several of them.

Sigiriya, situated in the northern boundary of the Matale district, is a popular tourist destination worldwide. Also known as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’, it is a destination frequented by many foreign tourists.

Pidurangala has been associated with the Sigiriya tree as a bark since ancient times. Sigiriya’s popularity is sometimes overlooked, but it is by no means second to Sigiriya.

The road to Pidurangala

Pidurangala is situated in Colombo. M. About 180 miles away. After passing the Sigiriya rock at Inamaluwa Sigiriya road for one more mile we come across Pidurangala. This is roughly from Inamaluwa Junction. M. Located about 3 km away. Sigiriya is located at an elevation of 349 meters above sea level and Pidurangala is less than one meter high. When you climb to the top of Pidurangala, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Sigiriya.

History of Pidurangala

Piduranga has a history that dates back thousands of years. Its history dates back to Sigiriya. BC. It has functioned as an ancient Buddhist center since the second and first centuries. AD According to the book, King Kasyapa, who ruled from 477 to 495 AD, built a large monastery and a Buddhist educational center and offered it to Rahthan Wanahassela.

What to see in Pidurangala

Pidurangala of historical significance
About Pidurangala
Historical value
Historical value

Apart from the spectacular view of the top of Pidurangala, travelers can also see many historical and religious sites from its base. The ruins of a ruined chaitya, the Kashyapa Stupa, can be seen at the starting point of the Pidurangala Rise. It is considered to be the place where the cremation of King Kashyapa was performed. Before long, you will find the Pidurangala Rajamaha Viharaya at the base of the Pidurangala Rock. This is a cave temple and you can see ancient paintings in Sigiriya. The present temple was built over a hundred years ago, but it was built using the remains of a centuries-old temple.

Pidurangala of historical significance
Lord Buddha’s Statue

After worshiping it, rock climbing can begin. The climb is a little more difficult than Sigiriya. It usually takes about an hour to get up and it is advisable to plan your trip by noon in the hot sunshine. The first part of the journey consists of stone staircases and slopes, the latter part of which is a slightly steep climb. Another ancient cave temple of great historical value is found along the way and only a few ruins remain today. There is a 12.5-meter long statue of the Selmuva Buddha, some of which has been restored in the recent past. The head part was destroyed by treasure hunters about 50 years ago and belongs to the most recent restoration. There is a 5-10 minute walk to the top of this historic cave temple.

Pidurangala of historical significance
Pidurangala Royal Cave Temple

Once you reach the top of the rock, you start to see a spectacular view. Especially from here the Sigiriya is very beautiful. At its highest point, you will find the ruins of an ancient Chaitya. Pidurangala looks like the top of Pidurangala and Pidurangala looks the same as the top of Sigiriya. It is believed that the girls in the Sigiriya artisans were asked to bring flowers and pay homage to Pidurangala.


Sigiriya, as well as Ritigala, is well visible on Pidurangala. Arriving here in the morning or evening can beautify the sunrise and sunset. In addition to the places mentioned above, other historical ruins have been found in the Pidurangala Rock and its suburbs. In the meantime, there are ancient dagobas, a bodhi-ghara, ruins of monasteries and ruins of an ancient wall.

Nature of the top of Pidurangala

Like Sigiriya, Pidurangala is flat on the top and has a few acres. However, this should be carefully tilted so that it has a certain slope.

Top of Pidurangala
Top of Pidurangala

Things to consider when going to Pidurangala

Pidurangala was not popular with tourists until recently, but due to its sudden popularity on social media, it has attracted more and more tourists. There are, however, a few things to consider in the journey to Pidurangala.

Since there are two shrines at the foot of Pidurangala and its center, the security guards care about the dress code. It is best to wear a dress that is longer than the knee. In addition, you should carry a water bottle to light the day and a torch to watch the sunrise or sunset. It is also the duty of the tourists not to damage the environment and its historical value.


Pidurangala of historical significance

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